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  • drawn cup needle roller bearing

    implementing automatic sorting technology to control the inner diameter of drawn outer cup within 5um per ranking, this bearing can fit precisely with the shaft with lower noise at high speed. it has been used as a main bearing for a wide range of applications, including automotive air-conditioning compressors, automotive steering systems and chassis systems.

  • drawn cup roller clutch

    with unique design on a series of ramps on the inner wall, sjb’s clutch offers better stability when performing locking function, and lower noise when performing overrunning function. it is widely implemented in automotive engine systems, automotive brake systems, washing machines and air conditioners.

  • full complement drawn cup needle roller bearing

    precision tooling ensures consistence of the outer ring and the bearing concentricity. our sealed design offers a cost saving solution to our clients looking for both seal-ability and high load requirements. this full complement bearing can also be supplied with solid inner ring and outer ring fitted with the maximum number of cylindrical rollers to support extremely high load carrying capacity.

  • machined needle roller bearing

    with automatic grinding machine and improved production process, sjb’s product has better consistency in inner diameter, lower tolerance and finer roughness on the surface. it offers longer bearing life and lower noise at high speed. these bearings are adopted in automotive air-conditioning systems and other harsh automotive environments.

  • thrust needle roller bearing

    with unique cage design and crowning needles, this bearing can carry high axial load as well as axial shock load but with better stability and lower noise at high speed.

  • thrust washer

    for customer’s special purpose, sjb punched washer can be made with or without various shapes of ribs at the edge, and the solid washer can be made with 5um per ranking. both washers can support high axial load and axial shock load but with low vibration and low noise at high speed.

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