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        in 1949, a german inventor by the name of georg schaeffler developed the needle roller and cage assembly, a precursor to the modern needle roller bearing that has since become a foundational component across far-reaching industrial applications. the resulting adoption of and growing demand for needle roller bearings paved the way for a new global industry focusing on the manufacture of these 1958, government of china set up a needle roller bearing factory in the city of suzhou. the area was the only needle roller bearing production base designated under the national self-reliance program in the 1970s and '80s. this appointment solidified suzhou's reputation as the center of the industry in china.
continuing that proud tradition, suzhou jincheng bearing co., ltd., was founded in 1992 as one of the first private needle roller bearing manufacturers to emerge from the then nascent market economy.
for more than 20 years, sjb has maintained its commitment to innovation, integrity and quality — values that are rooted in its people. the management team consists of passionate business professionals with both global and domestic experience. the research and development team is composed of the country's foremost experts on needle roller bearings. the sales managers have fostered decades of fruitful relationships with clients, who are in themselves a witness and testament to the company's track record of success and sterling reputation.along with its people, sjb's heavy investment in infrastructure and r&d positions the company as a market leader.
the company boasts a factory area of 30,000 square meters that, coupled with a recently completed five-story building, brings the total floor area up to 35,000 square meters. the factory holds several features that reduce its environmental impact: a state-of-the-art, independent sewage-treatment system, as well as plant-wide implementation of solar panels that not only power the whole of the factory and office operations, but also send the surplus power to the electrical grid.from end to end, sjb has continuously invested in improvements to the manufacturing process: upgrades to multi-station presses, processing molds, precision grinding machines and polishing equipment; proprietary development of methods to automate the assembly and inspection of bearings.
on the r&d front, since 2014, sjb has obtained 42 patents from cnipa, 10 of which are invention patents. all of these, accompanied by the recent completion of a fourth heat-treatment production line, has enabled sjb to reach a manufacturing capacity of 80 million bearings a year.
as a business, sjb's core positioning is to supply the chinese market with high-quality needle roller bearing products that are comparable with those produced in countries like germany and japan, but at a competitive price point and with an emphasis on client service. given its success in the domestic sphere, sjb is poised to take on international markets with that same level of dedication to excellence and stewards of this institution, we welcome interested parties to come visit and experience the passion we have for our work. 

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